Programs & Workshops

Take a look through our series of our programs and workshops to help create an engaged business culture.

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Cozy Juicy Real

Build trust, connection and psychological safety through a fun and engaging board game experience. Your team will laugh, share and feel more connected than they ever have before. This experience is for remote & hybrid teams.
Prisoner's Dilemma

The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Is your team struggling to work together because of competing metrics or incentives? Simulate a choice between looking out for yourself or choosing the greater good in this fun game designed to get people laughing and drive discussion around "What's in it for us?"
Quality Tower

Build Your Tower

What role does your quality team play in getting things done? Create teams and work together in silos, then simulate what happens when quality encourages collaboration.
Values Story

Your Epic Stories!

Storytime! Nothing reinforces a culture like stories and experiences that showcase exactly how your culture shows up in the day to day activities. Includes workshop, scripting and video production of 3 Key Culture Stories.
Quality Culture

A Quality Culture

Understand the difference between a Quality Culture, Quality Assurance and Quality Control. When do you need them and more importantly, how does this correlate with the cost of quality?
Escape Room

Let Loose! Escape for a Moment

Host a values based escape room! Have teams work together to solve a series of problems and race against the clock to win! Keep the Program and Run again!
Create Your Anthem

Create your Anthem

Partnered with Peach Jam Records. Your team will write, produce and record a song that represents the company culture. Have fun and get Jammin'
Human Equalizer

The Great Human Equalizer

Kick start your team connection with empathy and understanding by connecting the human element through this truly powerful workshop.
The Game Plan

The Game Plan

Engage your team by giving them real levers they can pull on week to week that are directly linked to a dashboard and the overall goal.
Whole Self Success

Whole Self Success

Reinforce your values and drive the right behaviours by building a behaviour based Performance Management Program. Keep the conversation going and grow together!
Culture Cultivator

Culture Cultivator

Build psychological safety and cultivate high performing teams by engaging interested team members to champion the company culture.
Social Impact Challenge

Social Impact Challenge

Create a sense of loyalty by promoting a social impact program that gives people the opportunity to give back and make a difference.
Done for you Social Media and Video

Done For you Social Media + Video

Use your social media presence to tell your story the way you want it to be told. Stand out from everybody else by including video in a strategic way to amplify engagement.
Brand Ambassador

Your Brand Ambassadors

Inspire layers of trust and loyalty with reinforcing behaviours that support the company and it's messaging. Create deeper connections as teams interact with each other on a digital stage.
Video Catalyst

Video Catalyst

Amplify your communication with quarterly video features. Feature successes, recognize your team and energize your business.
Recognition Program

I See You

Accelerate the adoption of key value based behaviours as you showcase your champions to inspire other in a formal recognition program. Add incentives and get your team excited!


'Show people that real change is happening and encourage them to bring their own ideas forth and be part of the momentum.
Inside and out

In and Out

Spread the word across multiple formats and venues with transparency, consistency. Build the plan on how to overcommunicate your message!
Strategic Improvement

Improvement Support (8hrs/week for 12 months)

Alleviate the pressure to create and implement improvement with the existing resources. Give your team a sense of support and show them your are serious about improving.
Dungeons and dragongs

Dungeons and Dragons

Go on a mini adventure lead by a Culture Focused Dungeon Master. Test your values and your team's resolve as you come together to overcome this fantasy challenge!
psychological Safety Kicker

Psychological Safety Kicker

Learn how to create the spaces necessary to have a strong culture. This workshop guides the team on how to create psychological safety in the workplace.
Personal Values

The Journey Within

Help you team find their personal values and unlock their amazing potential. Create deeper understanding of self and the team as a whole.
Strategic Improvement

Smart Improvement

Create a systematic way to identify, analyze and implement improvements while creating a feeling of contribution and ability to be part of making a difference
Accountability Mapping

Mad Hatter

To create clear understanding of roles and expectations in an easy to use and understand map. Allow people to feel ownership of their roles and their ability to feel successful.
Bedrock For Success

Bedrock For Success

Define your culture in a way the resonates and creates a strong cultural foundation. This program is basis of creating an engaged culture and unlocking a culture focused strategy.