Who We Are

Our team is dynamic, fun and committed to making a better world through business. To that end, we decided to let our talented video crew direct us in a movie about discovering the key to Business culture!


We will Let go of pre-existing notions and enter a new realm of possibility by connecting hearts and minds into a unified vision that creates an impact


We will stay true to ourselves and the ENTA values especially when it is hard


We will strive to understand others and have their backs


We will enthusiastically and fanatically step forward


We will be open, forthcoming and empathetic

Who We Are

Meet The Founders

Meet our Founders, Adam and Katelyn and hear the story behind Enta Solutions.

Our Intent

To create a better world through business.

Our Resolve

We animate business culture for purpose driven businesses.

Our Dream

To be the most sought after culture and engagement consultant in North America.

Who We Are

The Enta Team

Meet our team of creative innovators, ready to make your business epic.

Adam Kolozetti



Interview hosting, culture workshop facilitating, and sales.

Katelyn Bullock



Culture workshop facilitating,
interview hosting, and sales.

Kevin McEachern


Social Media Manager

Content creation, people processes, & social media management.

Ines Quandel


Account Manager

Social media management, content creation, and organizational systems.

Artin Rahim


Content Director

Videography, video editing,
and motion effects.

Our Philosophy

The Whole Business

What if your people could be self-actualized, and your business could find its operational sweet spot?

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