Cozy Juicy Real

Engage your team by giving them real levers they can pull on week to week that are directly linked to a dashboard and the overall goal.

Come experience the magic of connection. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your team’s trust, this is the event for you.  

Your teams will laugh, smile and get to know the real humans behind the screen through a playful and insightful board game experience.  

Features & Benefits

The game is named after the three main decks: 

Cozy cards are light, fun questions that give others a peek into your world 

Juicy cards explore the universal human experiences that connect us all 

Real cards build a deeper level of team trust 

What You Can Expect 

What Makes It Different?


$70 pp USD / $95 pp CAD  

Minimum event price $700 USD / $950 CAD 

Pricing is negotiable for groups of 25+